Orthodontic Service for the Whole Family

Kip J. Jones, DDS, is pleased to provide answers to all your questions about orthodontic service in Layton, Utah.

A healthy, beautiful smile is a big part of every person’s self-esteem and at Kip J. Jones, DDS, everyone in your family can benefit from gentle, affordable orthodontics. It’s never too early or too late to get the orthodontic service you need for a smile you can be proud of. Children, teens and adults can receive a free consultation for orthodontics and Dr. Jones will make recommendations for what kind of work will best take care of each person’s individual needs.

You already trust Dr. Jones to take care of your dental needs, so take the time to visit with him and his friendly staff about orthodontic service, too. If you are looking for affordable, reliable and effective orthodontic service in Layton, Utah, please contact Kip J. Jones, DDS for pricing and packages.

Kip J Jones DDS orthodintic services family

From as early as 7 years old, children can benefit from early orthodontic work to close spaces between teeth, making sure the jaw fits right and ensuring there will be enough space for adult teeth. Dr. Jones will evaluate each child’s mouth and face to make sure there is proper balance, growth and symmetry. Then, he’ll recommend an orthodontic service treatment plan that is both affordable and effective.

Each teen is different, so when it comes time to think about braces for adolescents, Dr. Jones can provide the most functional, attractive and fastest orthodontic treatment possible. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Dr. Jones always customizes the orthodontic treatment for each teen’s needs. Orthodontic service can be done for teens right in the Layton office of Kip J. Jones, DDS, at conveniently scheduled times so they don’t miss important school or work activities.

As an adult, you may think it’s too late for you to get a straight smile, but Dr. Jones provides adult orthodontics services also. Whether you just want to fix a problem area, adjust your bite or get some insight into how your smile would improve with braces, Dr. Jones is happy to meet and discuss the possibilities. Orthodontic service is more popular than ever, allowing you to benefit from the latest treatment methods, just like your kids.

Not all dentists in Layton, Utah, offer orthodontic service, but Kip J. Jones, DDS, can take care of the smiles of your whole family. We promise to answer all your questions and give you and your family the smiles you deserve.

To learn more about our free consultation for orthodontic service, please give us a call at 801-546-3513 or contact us through our website here.

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