At Kip J. Jones, DDS, we practice preventative Orthodontics. We recognize that Orthodontic work should be done early in a child’s life in order to prevent potential problems later on.
As a specialist in Orthodontics, Dr. Jones can use his skills to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth grow in correctly.  Expansion–broadening the arches in a child’s mouth–is an important part of Orthodontics.  By using expanders, teeth are given room to grow in, cutting down the need for Orthodontic work later on.  With early prevention, your child can spend less time in braces as a teen.

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Orthodontics For Adults

Looking for a way to straighten your teeth without the embarrassment of adult braces?  Kip J. Jones, DDS is proud to offer Invisalign braces, the discreet way to create your perfect smile.