Wisdom Teeth Removal

Kip J Jones, DDS is the premier place for wisdom teeth removal in Utah.  With great pricing, cutting-edge technology and the latest sedation techniques, we aim to make wisdom teeth removal the most comfortable experience possible.

Kip J. Jones, Missionary Go-To-Guy

Going on a mission? Let us take care of your dental needs!

Here at Kip J Jones, DDS, we are  proud to be known as the “go-to” place for missionaries preparing to serve.  We offer special pricing as well as several complimentary benefits to missionaries, including:

  • A care package sent to the missionary halfway through his or her mission
  • An 18-24 month supply of dental products (including an analgesic product that can help in the event of dental pain when dental care is not readily available)
  • A complimentary examination upon returning home

Frequently Asked Questions

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